Our team of legal experts ideate and implement the best legal strategy within the framework of the applicable laws to address challeneges and concerns faced by clients. 

India has a stringent regulatory landscape. Entities and organizations operating in India need to conduct their business within the framework of applicable laws. Similarly for entities expanding into India especially by way of Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions need to seek appropriate legal advice in order to ensure compliance as well as need to have robust documentations.

Circa Consulting has catered to clients from various sectors. Every client is different and faces different challenges. We understand the intricacies involved and hence provide tailor made and customized solutions to client queries.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is an efficient tool. Larger companies generally look to penetrate into a new market by acquiring a smaller company in another region. Such acquisitions are an easy and quick way to get access to newer markets. What is even more advantageous in such situations is that acquirer company gets the benefit of a readymade setup in terms of factory and office space, machinery, customers which makes it easier to access new markets.

Mergers imply to amalgamation of two or more companies. Companies generally adopt this type of restructuring in order to achieve economies of scale, save costs etc.

Circa Consulting plays a pivotal role in assisting and advising foreign companies look out for potential synergies in India and also simplify their regulatory compliances burden.

Joint Venture

A Joint Venture (JV) is a form of partnership where two entities come together and enter into a strategic alliance in order to achieve a competitive edge or in the form of technical collaborations. However, since this form of partnership entails two different owners, the terms and conditions, roles and responsibilities of this strategic alliance need to be clearly spelt out.

We help in devising an appropriate strategy to ensure smooth and successful running of the business as well as drafting of the JV agreement which will have terms and conditions of the alliance in place.


Employees form an integral part of any organization and employee related nuances are several. It becomes imperative to have organizational policies in place as well as adherence to employment laws. Policies relating to social security benefits, sexual harassment at workplace and women’s safety are supposed to be formulated. 

Similarly, deputation of employees from the from the headquarters to the subsidiary in India is becoming a common phenomenon. However, the deputation requires relevant documentation and agreements to executed in order to safeguard the interest of both the employer and employee. Such agreements generally contain terms and conditions of employment, period of employment, remuneration and other relevant clauses.

Our team is well versed in assisting in handling, guiding and supporting through the various employee related concerns.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is the creation of the mind such as invention, literature, work of art etc. An intellectual property right (IPR) is a legal right which is granted to the owner of such invention.

In India, IPR’s are recognized under the following statutes:

An IPR is an exclusive right and since recently, these have become a decision for making crucial investment decisions.
Circa Consulting provides assistance in the following areas:

Our team is well versed in handling IP licensing and technology for a varied portfolio of clients including Domestic Companies, Private Limited Companies, Start-Ups etc.

We assist clients – domestic and international to enforce intellectual property – trademarks, designing, copyright, patents. We assist in filing, registration valuation and defending our clients rights against infringement.