We assist through entity selection and incorporation as well as services such as domciliation of companies along with providing local directorship services.

Entity Set Up

Circa Consulting is a full range business support & consulting firm. We offer complete business support services to organizations so that business owners can take care of their core business needs while we support with regulatory compliances and routine day-today tasks. For any entity set up & functioning in India, it becomes imperative to be compliant with laws & regulations which are constantly changing and evolving. In this scenario, enterprises will have to address this concern and outline a defined plan of action in order to cater to these requirements. Circa provides full range of services such as bookkeeping and reporting compliances, preparation of financial statements, payroll processing and compliances, regulatory compliances under direct & indirect taxes, virtual CFO services. 

Circa Consulting is headquartered in Pune with offices in Mumbai, Gurugram and Bengaluru and an international office in France. Our in house team of experts consisting of chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, market research analysts have vast industry experience, help in developing & strategizing plans and formulating business solutions in line with the objectives of the entities. 

Our portfolio consists of clients across various sectors – engineering and construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals, dairy industry, information technology, food & beverage etc. We provide seamless services and solutions to enterprises across various geographical locations. In fact, a majority of our portfolio consists of Japanese & European clients.

Liaison Office

A Liasion Office (LO) also called as a representative office can be established in India and acts as a communication channel between the foreign headquarters and Indian companies. Such an entity is normally established to facilitate the parent company’s business in India. When a foreign company wants to promote or create brand awareness of it’s products in India, a LO would be a preferred entity.

Branch Office

A Branch Office (BO) can be referred to an extended arm of the foreign entity. A BO can engage in the same business as the parent entity. A BO in India shall have the same name as that of it’s parent entity. A BO is prohibited from engaging retail trading activities and direct/indirect manufacturing activities.

Project Office

A Project Office (PO) is generally established by a foreign company when it is awarded a contract to execute a particular project in India. The validity of a PO is limited to the duration of the contract. It takes approximately 10 days to receive permission in order to establish a PO.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary

A Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) is an independent legal entity whose 100% shareholding is it’s foreign parent company. A WOS is generally preferred when 100% FDI is permitted under the FDI policy.

Joint Venture

A Joint Venture (JV) is a partnership wherein a business entity is created by two or more parties. A JV is normally incorporated by parties engaged in a similar business line to create a competitive edge. A JV is also preferred in those sectors where 100% FDI is not permitted.

Limited Liability Partnership

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is half way between a partnership firm and private limited company. This entity is a hybrid model which gives the benefits of both a partnership firm and private limited company. Less compliances are involved under this type of entity.

It is pertinent to note that a LO, BO and PO are treated at par with a foreign company. A WOS, JV and LLP are treated at par with domestic companies and all rules and regulations applicable to domestic companies become applicable to them.

Domiciliation of Companies

We provide a communication and office address without actually providing a dedicated office space. This concept is gaining popularity because it is cost – effective and offers pragmatic solution to small entrepreneurs or start-ups.

Under this model, entrepreneurs are able to assign a dedicated and reputed address to their business without the hassle of maintaining an office. Such offices are manageable and can effectively strengthen a business’s reputation.

Circa Consulting is a one – stop solution for organizations looking for an office address and business contact information but are not desirous of bearing the cost of a dedicated office space or address.

Providing Local Directors

Very often as businesses expand their operations, they may need extra personnel or perhaps need a director in a different geographical jurisdiction to perform directorship duties.

Circa Consulting can assign an experienced manager with specific industry knowledge to act as organizations director. The assigned manager can attend board meetings, review financial statements and review documentation as required.