Global transactions are gaining impetus & it becomes necessary to validate these transactions from the tax point of view. We analyse the potential tax implications of the transaction undertaken and provide necessary support and advise for the same.

International Taxation – Cross Border Transactions

India has witnessed a huge surge of inbound and outbound investment. Several foreign companies have set their footprint in India. Similarly, lot of Indian companies are also going global. This has given rise to several cross border transactions. These transactions have to be evaluated for tax implications. Before entering into such transactions, organizations must be aware of the potential tax implications arising out of such transactions as well as compliances involved in these transactions.

Tax laws are constantly changing and the amendments in laws are to be deciphered in line with the transactions in question so that necessary corrective action can be taken to minimize potential threats. Our team is here to help you navigate through the complex laws and regulations across the various tax jurisdictions. We help you define right tax strategies and help you over some cross border tax challenges.

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