The human resource function is critical to the working of any organization. Understanding the importance of this, we formulate and assist in implementation of appropriate HR policies and strategies to align with organizational goals.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM or HR) is the art of comprehensively managing the workforce or employees of an organization. The human resource function is critical to the working of any organization. Employees contribute effectively to any organization and the function of the HR is to ensure than any enterprise of organization attains it’s goals or objectives through people.

Managing employees is complex and there needs to be a proper organizational policy that defines roles, responsibilities, rewards, recognition and other relevant clauses. Business owners especially the small and mid-sized ones are not aware of employment rules and regulations and fail to maintain adequate and proper documentation. Outsourcing helps to cater to these compliances while business owners are free to take care of their other responsibilities.

A HR function is generally to oversee organizational leadership and culture.

Functions of a HR are as under:

An HR function can be outsourced. An agreement can be entered into between an employer and a third party provider wherein the employer shall transfer certain functions of the HR department to a third part consultant. Some functions which can be outsourced are:

Advantages of Outsourcing

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