Every organization in order to function must have certain licenses. We assist organizations in obtaining licenses which are mandatory to operate and function in India.

Licenses Required for Business

Certain licenses are required by any business in order to function and operate in India. Some of these licenses are mandatory by law while other registrations can be done in order to avail the benefits in terms of subsidies, tax exemptions etc. A list of registrations which any entity needs to obtain either mandatorily or voluntarily are enumerated below :

Permanent Account Number

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten digit unique alphanumeric identity allotted to taxpayers by the Income tax Department. A PAN is an identity proof and was introduced by the Government of India to bring universal identification to financial transactions entered into by a taxpayer to prevent tax evasion.
A PAN mandatorily has to be obtained by any entity or individual which needs to do business in India or any income in India.

GST Registration

All types of individuals and entities whose turnover exceeds INR 2 million have to get themselves registered under GST. A person engaged in the supply of goods involved in intra – state supply is required to obtain GST registration irrespective of turnover. There are several criteria’s which are provided under the GST regime by virtue of which entities/individuals have to obtain GST registration.

Shop And Establishment Act License

Every state has it’s own Shop and Establishment Act which provides the rules and regulations to be followed by any shop or establishment carrying on business in that state. A shop and establishment license has to be obtained by every business which comes under the definition of ‘shop and establishment’ to avoid penalties and fines.

MSME Registration

MSME registrations can be obtained by micro, small and medium in India to avail benefits in terms of subsidies, tax reliefs, loans etc. The MSED Act lays down the various mechanisms under which MSME’s can avail these several benefits.

Startup Registration

The startup India initiative was launched by the Government of India to create a conducive environment for Indian startups. A business can be registered as a ‘startup’ can avail several benefits like self compliance under certain environmental laws, income tax exemptions, fast track patent application and IPR protection.
Once all the conditions laid down by the DPIIT are fulfilled, a business can register for a startup license.